A series of Policy papers have been drafted to support the new Bowls Oxfordshire Constitution commencing in early 2025. These have been signed off by the Bowls Oxfordshire Executive Committee and have been circulated to club Secretaries, who were asked to circulate to interested people within their club.  It was also agreed, in the spirit of transparency, that all bowlers would be given the opportunity to comment on these draft policies before being formally adopted. This opportunity comes via this website where all "signed off" policy documents can be viewed and there you can also send comments (hopefully constructive comments). All documents can be found now in the relevent section under the Bowls Oxfordshire tab- "Unification Consultation on Policy documents" 

Policy documents are primarily intended to be reference documents, providing advice and detail about how to deal with any issues. Some are more complex than others. 24 documents have been completed and shown here. Some policies will need amending as Bowls England are drafting updates for a range of activities, some of which will become live in 2025 and we want to keep our policy papers up to date.

This consultation will conclude three weeks before the Bowls Oxfordshire AGM on 28 March, 2024, where the formal decision to unify from 1 April, 2025 will be taken.  All comments must be received by 7 March, 2024 if anyone wants further consideration of the content that will underpin the Unified County Bowling Association.