County Sem-Finals will be hosted by Banbury Chestnuts Bowls Club and due to a couple of players that are playing in more than two semi finals, the events are spread over 3 dates. Please check the details below to see when each game is being played:


Date Time Event Players   Players
Sun 16 July 10 am 2W Singles R. Full (Cart) v I. Henwood (Head)
16 July 10 am 4W singles P. Mabbutt (Head) v P. Sharman (Cart)
16 July 10 am Pairs A. McIntyre & D. Leighfield (W.W) v N. Siford & S. Cooper  (W.W)
16 July 10 am Pairs B. King & J. King (Head) v J.Philpott & H. Watts (Head)
16 July 10 am Fours G. Mayles, J.Nichols, P.Hilton & C. Charles (Ban Boro) v D. Pearce-Jones, D. Wakeman, T. Jupp & R. Clanfield  (Cart)
16 July 1.30 pm Fours J. Philpott, R. Gaskins, N. Rae-Welsh & H. Watts  (Head) v H. Alder, K. Alder, D. Leighfield & S. Cooper  (W.W)
16 July 1.30 am Triples N. Siford, M. Shepherd & W. Parker  (W.W) v G. Mayles, J. Nichols & C. Charles (Ban Boro)
Mon 17 July 6.15 pm Triples M. Boobyer, T. Smith & D. Lattimore (C.N)  v J. Philpott, N. Lewis & H. Watts (Head)
17 July 6.15 pm 2W singles AJ Docherty (Ban Cen) v C. Charles (Ban Boro)
Tues 18 July 6.15 pm 4W Singles L. Young  (Ban Cen) v H. Watts  (Head)

Players please note: Woods to be on the green at 0930 hrs for Umpire Inspection & at 1.15 hrs for pm games on the Sunday.

Good luck to all competitors.          Spectators are very welcome.