Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ryan Alexander Full, and I am the new OBA Under 25s Manager.
I have taken over from Dave Leighfield, who I would like to thank for all the time, commitment & energy he has given over the last few years to the role; also for helping me to transition into the position, and for answering my endless questions. But not to worry, Dave will not be disappearing from the Under 25s scene, but I shall come to that later.
Firstly, I would like to say how excited I am to be taking on this role, as an ex Under 25 myself for nearly 15 years, I know how brilliant it is to be playing bowls surrounded by your age group, and how you can not only improve your game and your enjoyment of it, but also form bonds & friendships across the county.
My main aim is to carry on from Dave's work, and continue to rebuild the Under 25s so it can not only be a strong competing squad across all competitions, but be something that all involved, from the Captain to the newest member look forward to every outdoor season, and be something they will hold brilliant memories from as they move on.
Even though we are a smaller County than some of the others we will face, we have been known many times in the past to upset so called "stronger" opposition, & prove our worth, so there is absolutely no reason we cannot achieve great things moving forward.
I mentioned that you will still see Dave around from time to time, because if you haven't heard, Oxfordshire as a county is currently in the very early stages of unification, which will take a couple of years to come into full effect, but long story short, each section (Mens/Ladies/Mixed/Juniors) will all come under the same banner, & have its own small committee, which Dave will be a part of in some way.
Another person who you will see is our Under 31s Ladies Manager, Helen Young. Helen & I have said that anything mixed (which is everything but the double rinks), we will manage together, so that you not only have more support, but are equally represented.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be the new official email address for Under 25s Managers, so any queries or questions you have, please do not hesitate to send them my way.
Obviously I will have many more emails to send in the coming days & weeks, as we build up to the start of the season, so keep an eye out, and I very much look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the Spring!
Best Regards
Ryan Alexander Full - OBA Under 25s Manager