The semi finals and finals of the Domestic Cups were played on Sunday, 7 August at South Oxford B.C.

 The results of the semi finals were:

  Allison Cup:          Mike Jelfs (Add) beat Dave Tidball (S Oxf)

                             Phil Gladden (Add) beat Richard Morris (Ban Ch)

  Longford Cup:       Omar Shariff (C & C) beat Keith Mobley (S Oxf)

                             Nigel Galletly (Ban C) beat John Hurren (Burf)  21 - 18

  Officers Cup:        Jim Feeley (Kid) beat Graham Morbey (Ban C)

                             Steve Gould (Burf) beat Nigel Galletly (Ban C) 21-19


   Allison Cup:        Mike Jelfs beat Phil Gladden 21 - 20   

   Longford Cup:     Omar Shariff beat Nigel Galletly  21 - 18

   Officers Cup:       Jim Feeley beat Steve Gould  21-17



  Trophy Winners (from L to R):  Jim Feeley; Mike Jelfs; Omar Shariff:  

 (more photos can be found in the OBA Gallery)

Many thanks to South Oxford Bowls Club for providing a very good green, bar and refeshments throughout the day and lots of hot sunshine !