On 25 March 2021, we received notification of changes to the rules for National championships and National Competitions. We also received new dates for inter-county matches within the National Competitions.

 National Championships will follow the Commonwealth Games format for 2021, with the exception of inter-county fixtures. This means that apart from singles events, all others either have fewer bowls per player or less ends. Full details are contained on the information page under Competition rules for 2021.

The Middleton Cup, Balcomb Trophy and White Rose Trophy will now become knock out events for 2021, rather than starting with regional round robin games. The fixture list and diary pages have been altered to reflect the new programme.

Similar changes have been made for the Ladies, for their respective inter-county competition fixtures.

The programme for all National Finals has also been changed and will be over a shorter period (Aug19-Sept5). As a result only the winners of county finals will go forward to represent Oxfordshire this year. Details of all finals are shown on the diary pages.

Further details can be found on the Bowls England website.

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