The revised draw for the Officers Cup has now been made and can be viewed on the Domestic Competitions tab on the OBA part of the website

Champion of Champions Day





              QUARTER  FINAL

        Bicester  (Rob Pink)             bt    Chipping Norton (Percy Hickman ) 

        Witney Mills (Chris Weller)   bt   Banbury Borough (Darren Sharpe)

Kidlington (JimFeeley)    bt    City & County (O Sharif)

West Witney (Kevin Alder)       bt   West  Oxford  (Alan Blackburn)

                 SEMI FINAL

                                       Bicester    (Rob Pink)        bt    Witney Mill (Chris Weller)

                                      West Witney (Kevin Alder)  bt    Kidlington (Jim Feeley)


                              KEVIN ALDER (WEST WITNEY)  Bt  ROB PINK (BICESTER)


    17 Club Champions from across the County contested the Competition

     A Huge Thanks to:-

The Oxford City and County Bowls Club (Chris Lewis) for the use of their two excellent greens.The Ladies of the Club for providing refreshments throughout the day.Colin Pollard and Larry Eltringham for laying out and moving the rinks. All the Markers for the Day: Alex Fleming, Keith Croxon, David & Sandy Nash, Alan Ley, Nigel Satchell, Michel Grossnickel, John Hurren. Alex and Alan for their help in running the event. A fitting End to the Season

Thanks Paul D.






Banbury Central, National Champions

Congratulations to Banbury Central on their National Competition success, winning the Tony Allcock Trophy for the second time, following on from their victory in 2018.

Their quarter final against the Alton Social BC, Hampshire, saw them take a comfortable win 28 shots to 12 with Eloise Jones, Pam Shepherd, Graham Morbey and Keith McNeil taking a 15-7 win and Alan Carter, Carole Galletly, Caroline Campion and Nigel Galletly having the same shot difference with their 13-5 scoreline.

Sunday mornings Semi final introduced them to the Essex double rink from Wanstead Central BC with Nigel's foursome having a match winning 11 shot 18-7 win to more than cover the 14-17 three shot deficit recorded by Keith's four.

The afternoon's final against the Bromley club from Kent produced an exciting game going down to the last end played, with Central hold shot and the game with the jack enticingly near the ditch. Four attempts by the Bromley back end trying to ditch the jack proved unsuccesful giving the Oxfordshire eight the closest of victories with a 28-27 scoreline. Keith McNeil's rink losing 10-15 and Nigel Galletly's four winning 18-12.


BOL Champion of Champions 2021

BOL Champion of Champions 2021

The Champion of Champions was played on Saturday 18th September 2021 at Chipping Norton BC with the winners of their ladies singles from 10 clubs.

Two very exciting semi finals took place with Karen Alder (West Witney) losing to Pat Brown (Chipping Norton) 16 – 21 and Wendy Sandy (Carterton) against Emily Baldwin (Blackbird Leys) losing by 18 shots to 21.

After a tight start Pat got into gear and won the final against Emily.

Congratulations to Pat and many thanks to Chipping Norton for hosting the competition and their hospitality on the day.


                                           Oxfordshire Bowling Association

                                                  DOMESTIC FINALS

                                         Played at Burford Town Bowls Club

                                               Sunday 8th August 2021

                                                     ALLISON CUP


                       Mick Jelfs( Adderbury)  21    bt      12    Eddie Abbey ( Charlbury )

                       Paul Jelfs (Adderbury )   21    bt     16   Paul Costin (Headington)


                                    Paul Jelfs     21      bt      9    Mick Jelfs

                                                    LONGFORD CUP


                     Keith Mobley (South Ox)  21   bt      13   Paul Comley (Headington)

                  Henry Beall (W/Witney)    21     bt      10   Omar Sharif (City & County)


                                  Henry Beall  21       bt      19   Keith Mobley

                                                   OFFICERS CUP

                                                       Semi Final

                   Phil Gladden (Adderbury)  21    bt     10    Nigel Galletly (Ban Central)

                   Andy McIntyre (W/Witney) 21   bt     16    Keith Mobley (South Ox)


                                 Andy McIntyre   21    bt     16    Phil Gladden


                       Photographs from the day can be found on the OBA Gallery tab

OBA County Championships


          Men’s 2021 County Championships

                         THE RESULTS

2 Wood  Singles           Champion  Mark Charlett (Headington)

                                      Runner Up  Nick Rae-Welsh (Headington)

4 Wood Singles            Champion  Jon Philpott  (Headington)

                                      Runner Up  DavidLeighfield (West Witney)

Pairs  Champions         Tim Jupp& Craig Morphet( Carterton)

                  Runners Up   Bernie May & Nathan Lewis (Headington)

       Triples Champions        Sam Watts, Ray Gaskins & Nick Rae-Welsh

                                                ( Headington)

                   Runners Up   Joe Justin,DavidClanfield& Paul Sharman


Fours Champions           Rob Turley, Sammy Timms,RobClanfield

                             & Baden Sparkes( Carterton)

                   Runners Up  HenryBeale,WillParker,Kevin Alder

                             & David Leighfield (West Witney)

Senior Fours Champions      Alan Rowe, BobWright, JimFeeley

                                     & Paul McGrath  (Kidlington)

                   Runners Up   Bernie May,PaulComley,Ray Gaskins

                             & Howard Watts ( Headington )   


Oxfordshire Bowling Association -  Under 25 Final's
                 Pairs    Champions       Brandon King & Dan Swanson
                 Runners Up              Jon Danson & Ben Dickenson
                Singles   Champion        Dan Swanson
                Runner Up                 Joe Justin

Goring Clubs merge to form the Goring and Almshouses Bowls Club


We are delighted to learn that Goring Bowling Club and Goring Heath Bowls Club have successfully amalgamated into a new club to be known as Goring and Almshouses Bowls Club. Congratulations to David Watson and both sets of officials for managing this change and good luck for the work ahead of you.

Both clubs had been experiencing low numbers of members in the recent past, which made the two previous clubs difficult to sustain, so this was a very sensible solution, even though not easy to achieve. That process is now almost complete, with all necessary member voting completed in favour of the merger.  The exact mechanism is that Goring Heath Bowls Club (Almshouses) has changed its name to "Goring and Almshouses Bowls Club" and Goring Bowling Club has voted to dissolve and transfer all assets and members to the new Goring and Almshouses Bowls Club.

A new committee has been elected and has held its first meeting (virtually, of course).  For this season at least, both the original greens will be kept in operation, with Oddfellows Triples League matches played at Goring and friendlies at The Almshouses. David Watson has been elected secretary of G&A BC.  He would appreciate all communications coming to their new email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They have a new website up and running at:

Details of key appointments and contact details have been updated on this website under the “Affiliated Clubs” tab.

Current members and potential new bowlers in the Goring area, will be eternally grateful to club officials for this initiative and we look forward to seeing the new club thrive in the future.

Internet Shop

OBA Bowls Clothing

We are pleased to offer the ability to purchase OBA bowls attire online for people that intend to play county matches next season or to assist those established players that may have lost weight or gained a few lbs. 

Please take a look at the "SHOP" tab and plan ahead rather than purchasing on the day you intend to play.

We hope to extend the clothing on offer on this site, to save bowlers from having to search for their requirements in the future.

Please take a look.


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