Minutes of Meetings

Hon. Treasurer

John Hurren

11 Church Meadow

Milton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6JG

Tel: 07786 072 937

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Hon. Secretary

Chris Weller

Church Farm, Middletown,

Hailey, Witney. OX29 9UB

Tel: 01993 357047 / 07393 663564

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Hon. Match Secretary

Alex Fleming

45 Swinbrook Road,

Carterton. OX18 1DX

Tel, 01993 842649/07908 782548 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


OBA Council Meeting

Held at Kidlington Bowls Club on

Wednesday 5thApril 2023, at 7.00pm.

(This meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday March 8th, but was cancelled due to bad weather)




Alex Fleming, Brian Clarke, Ron Smith.


Including OBA Officers, and Past Presidents there were 28present with 24Club Delegates attending.

Minutes of the October 2022 Council Meeting, having been circulated, were proposed by John Henwoodseconded by John Benfield

Matters arising.

No matters arising.

Treasurer’s Report.

Although there had been little recent change to the accounts, the Treasurer said he would like to make delegates aware, if they didn’t already know, that at the recent Bowls England AGM, having stayed the same since 2010, BE would be raising the affiliation fee, per member, from £5.00 to £7.00, a significant rise in 2024.The OBA also intended to raise the affiliation fee paid by OBA members by 25 pence, which would bring it in line with that which BOL members paid.

Summary of the period since the start of the current financial year until today

Very limited income or expenditure through the winter months

The opening balance was £10,163.98.


Comp entry fees (National& Domestic) - £2408.60

Sale of shirt                                                 - £28

Cheque not presented in last Fin year   - £25

Presidents Cup raffle                                   £39

BBW Facebook advertising                         £10                                    Total - £ 2,510.60


Luncheon costs                                           - £ 13.90

Admin (Auditor)   & DBS check                - £ 31.81

Travel costs to HCBA meetings (IW)       - £ 25.20

Comp secretary fees for 2022 & 23        - £137.00

Inter County Comp entry fees                 - £ 60.00

HCBA Affiliation Fees                                 - £ 150

Liability Insurance                                       - £105                                  Total - £ 522.91

Bank Balance today - £ 11,851.67

Middleton Cup/ Home Counties League/ County Friendlies.

Middleton Cup Manager Paul Demczak said that invites had been sent out to Middleton Cup and HCL squad players, and that the deadline for replies had now passed. He had received 32 replies to the Middleton Cup and 21 to the HCL. Two trial games would be played, the second against Wiltshire had been rearranged for Sunday May 14th, rather than Saturday May 13th, due to an administrative error from Wiltshire. The teams for the two MC trial games would be announced later the following week.

The Hon. Sec said that the deadline for submitting selections by those wishing to play County Friendlies this season had passed, and he was pleased to report that nearly 60 people had responded. The first selection meeting was on April 17th, with a further 5 selection meetings planned, at which approximately 4 games would be picked per meeting. After each selection meeting details of the games picked would go on the website, and feature on the Website, but would not be sent to individuals.


Bowls Oxfordshire Matters/ Bowls Oxfordshire AGM

The HON. Sec commented on the recent Bowls Oxfordshire AGM where a number of items had been discussed including two amendments to the Constitution, which would assist with further unification. An excellent presentation on further unification progress during theprevious 12 months had been compiled by AnnLattimore, BO Executive member, and would be included in the Minutes of the AGM when sent to Club Secretaries.


Bowls England Matters.

Current BO Administrator,Mike Morris reported that payments for all the County Competition entries had now been allocated and paid to the relevant parties.Mike went on to say that new BO Administrator Alan Scholan would be taking over the role shortly, which he would assist with where necessary.

The next important job would be to send out the affiliation forms for each Club to return by May 1st, or asap after that date, so they can be sent to Bowls England.

John Hurren said he had attended the Bowls England Presentation and Awards ceremony in February and for those who didn’t know, Oxfordshire had been nominated , along with five other Counties for County of the year, on the strength of having one of the highest increases in overall membership in 2023, due to the excellent BBW campaign run last year, and the quality of information displayed on the Bowls Oxfordshire website, although it was still a mystery as to exactly who had nominated the County for this award.

Home Counties BA Matters.

The Hon, Sec said that at the most recent GPC meeting a report from HCL ChairmanIan Whelpton on the HCL AGM at the beginning of March had resulted in discussion about the finances of the HCBA. At the Hon Secretaries request, Ian had kindly provided the accounts/balance sheet from that meeting, and the matter would be discussed further at the next GPC meeting on April 12th.

Further Unification update.

John Hurren said that from the initial planning stage and identification of 4 sections, Mens, Ladies, Mixed and Young bowlers’ section, the next stage was to move forward with work in all of these sections to cover all areas that would make them efficient and effective.

New policy documents would be required, or amendment of existing documents, which would include rewriting the Constitution, to include all new elements and existing material that was still relevant.

Agreement had been reached with Club delegates voting favour at the BO AGM on trialling the “Officers Cup” as an Open competition in 2024 , which, if successful, could lead to all Domestic competitions becoming Open in 2025. It was planned to hold the Committee meeting of the BO Executive sometime at the end of April , beginning of May, with a view to a number of items ready for discussions and hopeful approval at the OBA/BOL AGM’s this November.All meetings would be minuted and bullet points from each on the website to keep all involved and updated as much as possible.

Big Bowls weekend /Club assistance

Michel reiterated what he had said at the BO AGM and recent GPC meeting.

Michel Grossnickel explained that he personally funded the Facebook advertisement promotion of Big Bowls Weekend last year which worked very successfully for a number of Clubs taking part.

This year a similar promotion would take place, but Clubs would be asked to pay £10.00 to the County to take part. Michel listed the details of the promotion and what Clubs would need to do to benefit from taking part, the more taking part the better and bigger the promotion would be.

If Clubs had chosen dates outside those listed by Big Bowls Weekend, then they could still be involved and would benefit.

An email compiled by him explaining what Clubs needed to do to be part of the promotion this year had been sent to all Club Secretaries the previous week by the Hon. Sec, and he had so far received one reply. Clubs also needed to continue their own publicity to promote their own events, via Facebook and other social media. Payment details for the promotion were on the form sent to Clubs.


Safeguarding/First Aid courses.

Again, as at the BO AGM and recent GPC meeting the pilot first aid course arranged by John Henwood was discussed. 16 places were on offer and so far only 6 had been taken, this despite the information being on the BO website and a reminder going out to Clubs viathe Secretary. It was hoped that there would still be some more participants from Oxfordshire Clubsbut if not then it would be offered to neighbouring Counties after Easter. Delegates were asked to go back to their Clubs and try and make their members aware of the course on Saturday 29th April at Headington BC, from 10.0am to approximately 3.00 pm.

Safeguarding was again highlighted, and similar discussions as took place at the BO AGM were again debated.The Secretary said he had so far received 6 replies, and again asked delegates if they could chase this at their own Clubs, the original email having been sent in early March.


The Secretary said that after looking at the Agendas for both the BO AGM and this meeting, even though it had been rearranged from the original date at the beginning of March , there were great similarities with both Agendas, and whilst acknowledging the need to keep the October Council meeting as it set up all the business required for the AGM, he questioned the need to continue next year with the Council meeting in March, as itduplicated so much that was covered by the BO AGM , where both Club delegates could attend. The discussion that followed favoured keeping it for March 2024 but would probably not be required for 2025 if as hoped full unification would take place at the Bowls Oxfordshire AGM in March 2025.

Belatedly, Nigel Siford was welcomed to his first Council meeting as West Witney delegate.

Finally, the Secretary asked all those present if they had been able to read the excellent document he had circulated to all last week, regarding Clubs developing Junior sections at their Clubs in the same way that both Charlbury and Carterton had achieved. A number of delegates had said they had read it, thought it very good indeed, and had asked for it to be discussed by their Club Committees.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.00pm.