Minutes of Meetings


2023 President: Paul Demczak


Hon. Treasurer

John Hurren

11 Church Meadow

Milton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6JG

Tel: 07786 072 937

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hon. Secretary

Chris Weller

Church Farm, Middletown,

Hailey, Witney. OX29 9UB

Tel: 01993 357047 / 07393 663 564

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Hon. Match Secretary

Alex Fleming

45 Swinbrook Road, Carterton,

Oxfordshire, OX18 1DX

Tel: 01993 842649 / 07908 782 548

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Purposes Committee Meeting

 Held at Kidlington BC

Wednesday May 10th, 2023 @ 7.00pm.



In attendance. Chris Weller, Tony Wright, John Hurren, Michael Grossnickel, Alex Fleming, John Henwood, David Leighfield,

Apologies.Mike Morris , Ryan Full, Bryan Flitter and Paul Demczak.

Minutes of the GPC meeting held on Wednesday March 15th, 2023, having been circulated were signed as a true record.  ProposedAlex Fleming   SecondedTony Wright.In the Presidents absence County Treasurer John Hurren signed and dated the minutes as a true record.

Matters arising (not covered in this agenda

The Secretary said that the Green starring was now being done alone by Ian Whelpton, as both Michel Grossnickel  and Tony Wright now had other commitments. After discussion, Alex said he would contact Ian and offer to help. The greens that were being inspected were those that were being used for the quarter finals,semifinals, and finals. Ian would send a report on each inspection.

Correspondence.  None received.

Treasurers report.

The Treasurer said that he had received from 13 clubs the £10.00 fee for advertising/social media activity for the  BBW/E. He needed to place another order for some more new shirts, which are the same design for indoor and outdoor matches.

Ryan is working on the youngster’skit stock and will be placing an order for stock soon. John suggested an option was to hand out and collect shirts on the day, meaning a lot of washing for one person! Sponsorship for young players needs to be looked at in the future with reference to kit and other expenses. All affiliation fees were now nearly all paid.


2023 Annual dinner and Presentation

John and Tony had arranged to see the Sales Manager at the Hopcrofts Holt to discuss the cost of using it as a venue again , and that they were going to charge additionally for the use of the bar and the room itself. When they arrived the person, they were supposed to see was not available , and they saw a Junior Manager instead who was not aware of all the facts re this booking  but was adamant that the “additional” costs would be charged, which would mean the cost per head would need to be £30.00 per person.

As described in the information sent to all GPC members prior to the meeting , two other potential venues were also visited Kirtlington Golf Club, and Bicester Spa and Golf/

Kirtlington Golf Clubhad a room a similar size to the Holt, which could seat 84. They appeared very enthusiastic to hold the event, which they could dop on a Friday evening on two separate dates, There was an excellent choice of menu, including gluten free options, and a  PA system and microphone were available. Based on a two-course menu, which might need further negotiation to determine whether a choice of starter, main and dessert were available the cost per head would be £25.00.

Bicester Spa and Golf could offer accommodation if required, albeit quite expensive , but could offer a much bigger room seating 140, it was an upstairs room, bar within the room, This would also be offered on two Friday night bookings at a cost per head of  £28.00 per person.

After Discussion it was felt that Kirtlington was the better option agreed unanimously  for the  Friday evening of  27th October. Tony and John proposed the dress code should be  smart casual, meaning no jeans or t-shirts. It was felt that this would need to be defined on the posters and promotional material for the event.

The overall reaction from the Committee was that it would be good to have a change and have an evening function rather than daytime.A raffle would be held on the evening, - prizes welcomed on the night.

Thanks were given to John and Tony for their work so far on this.

HCBA balance sheet

Thebalance sheet provided by Ian Whelpton was reviewed and debated. The main points were that Affiliation fees had already been set at the AGM, which bearing in mind the surplus of income to expenditure for the last 2 years was felt excessive. The Secretary said he would write to HCBA Secretary John Lonergan and ask him to put these issues on the agenda of the next HCBA meeting.

Under 25 pairs/Bowls England

Ryan Full, Under 25’s Manager had been upset that no consideration had been given to the  Oxfordshire under 25’s pairs competition , when clashing with a Bowls England Junior competition to be played at OC&C. Everything had now been sorted and the Under 25 pairs had now been rearranged for Saturday 10th June to be played at West Witney.

It was hoped that the event would be well supported.




Big Bowls Weekend update

For some reason there appeared to be a discrepancy between the number of Clubs signed up by Bowls England and those by the Bowls Oxfordshire advertising scheme.

Although numbers were creeping up it was felt that a a final polite reminder should be sent to all Clubs reminding them to take part if at all possible, to increase their potential membership.

Michel reported that the advertising scheme for Oxfordshire Clubs was now up and running and receiving likes!

Further unification update.

John Hurren reported that a start had been made on producing policy papers. There would be more of these as it was easier to change a policy than it was to make changes to the  constitution. John Hurrenhad hosted a ‘mixed section meeting’ that morning which 8 people had attended, and it was an enthusiastic and positive meeting. John went through some of the matters discussed and said he will send minutes to those who attended the meeting, and the BO Executive and then put them on theWebsite.

The Website will also be updated to accommodate new structure changes.

The Secretary said that although progress was now taking place with Junior and Mixed sections , the Mens/Women’s sections had stalled in the last month or two due to being unable to arrange meetings with the full Executive committee as too few people were available on any particular day. Therefore, he had decided to resort to last years model using the subcommittee that had been formed to compile the further unification information.

The first document to amend was the Bowls Oxfordshire Constitution.

There was no GPC meeting in June, but it was hoped to have an update on Unification for the July GPC Meeting.

Bowls Oxfordshire matters.

John Henwood reported thattheFirst aid course he had organized, had only 11 people attended, however it went very well, with an excellent instructor, and the  representatives who attended now competentFirst-aider. John had reported back to BE, giving input on how the  course had gone.

John confirmed he was representing the County at aonline Safe-guarding Course,on 22ndMay.

Bowls England matters.

The Secretary said that new BO Administrator Alan Scholan did not wish to attend GPC meetings. As a result, he had been talking to Alan about how Bowls Oxfordshire and Bowls England information would be disseminated to GPC members and if necessary other parties.

They had agreed thata week before each GPC meeting Alan would send notes re Bowls Oxfordshire/Bowls England and send them to GPC members m who if they have any questions about any the content sent can ask Alan prior to the meeting, so that answers are provided before the meeting itself.

Alan had agreed that he would be attending the OBA Council meeting in October and the OBA AGM in November.


GPC meeting dates/Autumn GPC business.

The dates of the July and September GPC meetings needed to be changed as they clashed with other events. This would be confirmed.

The Secretary said that nominations for officers may well go out in July instead of August this is in order to give him time to get all the information out to Clubs and for him to then process it , bearing in mind he is still working and has holiday booked in September and October.

After Match costs of meals

The Match Secretary said he was concerned about rising costs of after-match meals. Alex has been asked to contact Counties to see if they want to supply meals next year. The match fee had not risen for some time from £13.00. It had risen to £15.00 per person this year, but Clubs were finding it increasingly difficult to produce a decent quality meal for the money it was felt sensible to charge.

This had led to the question of whether food was still an option for County Friendly games, it having been dispensed with in the Middleton Cup and HCL games 3 or 4 years ago,

Also, clubs such  as Thame and South Oxford had excellent greens and facilities but nobody in their clubs who were prepared to do after-match catering.

Going forward in June Alex will be looking at next year’s fixtures. – discussion followed, general feeling  was rolls etc and drink after the match. Following from Covid Clubs now no longer provide after match food.



David Leighfield asked for it to be noted that re the Young Bowlers Leagues - Ryan Full, Helen Young, David Leighfield, Sam Watts, Tracey Richens and Craig Morfittwere the main people involved in the setting up and running of the new Junior section.

David went on to say that Ryan had been disappointed that no County officials had been present at a recent game and would like to encourage Officials to support the forthcoming fixture in the White RoseCompetition.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 20.50 pm.