Minutes of Meetings


2023 President: Paul Demczak


Hon. Treasurer

John Hurren

11 Church Meadow

Milton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6JG

Tel: 07786 072 937

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hon. Secretary

Chris Weller

Church Farm, Middletown,

Hailey, Witney. OX29 9UB

Tel: 01993 357047 / 07393 663 564

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hon. Match Secretary

Alex Fleming

45 Swinbrook Road, Carterton,

Oxfordshire, OX18 1DX

Tel: 01993 842649 / 07908 782 548

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Purposes Committee Meeting

 Held at Kidlington BC

Wednesday March 15th, 2023 @ 7.00pm.



In attendance. P Demczak, A  Fleming, J Henwood, C Weller, M Grossnickel, M Morris, T. Wright, J Hurren R Full, B Flicker, D Leighfield.




Minutes of the GPC meeting held on 15th February 2023 having been circulated were signed as a true record.  Proposed   J Henwood             SecondedA Fleming


Matters arising (not covered in this agenda).

None arising.



None received.


Treasurers report


Summary of the period since the start of the current financial year until today

Very limited income or expenditure through the winter months

The opening balance was £10,163.98.


Comp entry fees (Nat & Dom) - £2408.60

Sale of shirt - £28

Cheque not presented in last Fin year - £25

Total- £ 2,461.60


Luncheon costs - £ 13.90

Admin (Auditor) - £ 10.99

Travel costs to HCBA meetings (IW) - £ 25.20

Comp secretary fees for 2022 - £ 75.00

Inter County Comp entry fees - £ 60.00

HCBA Affiliation Fees - £ 150

Total - £ 335.09

Bank Balance today - £ 12,290.49

John stated that there was a shortfall of £ 1,000. 00. When asked why he thought it was, he replied that there were currently high stocks of clothing.

Middleton Cup/HCL invites.

The President said that all invitations had been sent, 42 to potential Middleton Cup players, and 33 to potential HCL players. He had received approximately 70 percent of responses so far, with March 24th as the deadline, after which if a reply had not been received then the person invited would be deemed unavailable or not willing to participate.

County Friendly update/Selection meetings

The Secretary said that March31sthad been set as the deadline for invitations and game selections to be returned. So far of the 46 invitations sent to players who had participated last year, he had received 36 replies. He intended to send a reminder to all those who had yet to reply,this forthcoming weekend, and still hoped to attract those new to the County friendly scene. The first selection meeting had taken place on February 20th, and meeting dates, six in all, had been arranged for the rest of the selections, where an average of 4 games would be picked at each meeting.

Alex said that the City & County of Bristolhad made a late change to the venue of the game to be played against them.

The Home Counties Fixture against Sussex had been frustrating as Sussex had asked for Oxfordshire to contribute to the costs of the game against them. Alex had pointed out that the rules dictate that all costs should be met by the home side, and the matter had been resolved. Alex stated he had been a Fixture secretary for 49 yearsin some capacity, and in all those years had never experienced the difficulties he had faced in trying to arrange games with Buckinghamshire and Sussex this season.

Greens starring

Michel said he had been in contact with Ian Whelpton re starring all the  greens where finals or semi-finals were to be played this season. John Henwood asked what criteria were being used, and Michel said he would deal with the laws of the game,ie measurements and specifications and believed that Ian had other criteria which he had used from previously doing the job. The Secretary confirmed he thought this to be the case.




County Lunch/Quote for this year’s lunch.

Hopcroft’sHolt had sent various information  to the Treasurer , listing the cost of a 3-course meal ( £32.50) and a 2-course meal (£25.00) for this year, plus they were also going to charge  £250.00 for the use of the Cherwell room, rising to £350 00 additional charge if the bar was required to be opened in this room. There were meat, fish and vegetarian options, although nothing listed yet as gluten free. If the new charges were adopted, then this would mean adding £5.00 per head to each meal based on last year’s attendance. Tea and coffees, included in last year’sprice were now to be charged extra at £1.50 a cup.

Subsequent research by John had discovered that most hotels were now adding a “room charge” to any event or booking.

John commented that he was not awareof any negative feedback to the newly formatted event last year, which he thought encouraging, and felt that one further change to the dress code, smart casual, rather than jacket and tie, would be a good idea, which the Committee agreed to.

John, accompanied by Tony Wright agreed to arrange a meeting with representatives from the Holt to discuss the various issues to see if they could be resolved, even if this meant subsidy from the County to reduce the cost of the meal per head. John Henwood suggested asking for a price for a carvery. The date for the lunch had been arranged for Saturday October 21st.


Further unification update.

The Secretary apologized for cancelling the OBACouncil meeting but had to do it the day before as leaving it till the day of the meeting would have been too late. The rearranged date for the meeting is 5th April.

The last BO Executive meeting at the end of February had been a long one, with lots discussed including the AGM on. 29th March.

 Anne Latimorehad produced a timeline and was also preparing a presentation ready for the  AGM looking back at the last 12 months, stating where we were at present and looking forward to the year ahead.

John Hurren added that hehad talked to someone else to help him with the mixed section. They weren’t in a position at the moment to assist though so there is still has a gap to fill , He intended therefore to write a letter appealingfor New blood to all clubs and asking for volunteers. Once written the Secretary will circulate it to all Clubs.

 John Hurrensaid that one of the goals is to convert domestic comps onto open comps for all sections. As a trial he proposed that the Officers Cup in 2024 be open to both sexes to compete in, subject to agreement with BOLand approval at the Bowls Oxfordshire AGM.

John went on to say that in talking to various people recently it was historical issues caused by preconceived ideas based on the past that were a continuous theme he had come across, He believed things had now started to change for the better, particularly with the Ladies, and this gradually noted, but Bowl Oxfordshire had a big challenge to change this.

At the Presidents suggestion it was eventually agreed to propose the Officers Cup idea at the rearranged Council meeting to get a decision from OBA delegates. As the Bowls Oxfordshire AGM now precedes the OBA Council meeting due to rearrangement of dates, it might make sense to debate at the AGM , especially as delegates of both sexes will be in attendance.


Bowls Oxfordshire matters

All NationalChampionshipcompetition fees  have been distributed.

BE have askedif Oxfordshire want an open draw to be used in the Competitions , rather than regional. It was decided to keep them open.

It had been discovered that a player had paid for entry into the Officers Cup,but then not included in the draw. It was agreed that a method of resolving this would be agreed with the player and relevant OBA officers.

Bowls England matters.

There was a Drop-in session next Wednesday (March 22nd).Details of participation in “Celebration” matches had been received from BE.

John Hurren reported back from the  recent awards presentation at BE, where Oxfordshire had been nominated for the County of the year award. John said he was unsure as to how or who had nominated the County based on some of the things listed by BE, ie very good website, participation and promotion of the Big Bowls weekend, and increased membership within the County as a result.

 Ryan Full said he felt things were beginning to change and happen, but there is a lot more we can be doing and that the perception of the County by a lot of bowlers within the County still needs to change to continue this progress.

John Henwood said he felt the Administration of Oxfordshire Bowls was much improved over the last 3 or 4 years, and that it was going in the right direction.

Alex Fleming said that his involvement with both outdoor and indoor County associations in his role as County Match Secretary had seen a lot of positive comments from other Counties on how Oxfordshire was now being administered, and Nationally was  regarded as one of  the better run counties.

The President said he had been approached by BE and asked for some names to consider and check for potential inclusion in forthcoming trials across all age groups.



 The Secretary read out a report on the HCBA AGM from Ian Whelpton.

One item listed was the HCBA Championships to be played on May 14that Old Coulsdon in Surrey. Brian was asked to make some enquiresas to whether some or any Oxfordshire bowlers were eligible to play , and if so, were they aware of the arrangements and venue etc.

The fee paid to HCBA ,£150.00 per annum, for the 2023 seasonwas also discussed , particularly as it had been agreed to charge the same fee for the 2024 season, a decision taken at the AGM.

Discussion followed, and to get better clarity of the HCBA finances the Secretary said he would ask Ian for the balance sheet from the AGM to discuss at the next GPC meeting.



 The Secretary asked Ryan if the emails he had sent to all of his Junior squad had achieved the desired result of finding out where and what Junior kit was in existence and still useable. Ryan replied that about half of those asked had replied , and he would try contacting those who had to respond again.

Michel said that the promotion of BBW that he had run on behalf of all Clubs last season had been successful but at his own expense to the tune of approx. £85.00

After consulting other GPC members, he proposed a similar scheme this year but with those Clubs who wished to be involved again paying a nominal fee of £10.00 per Club to be involved and get the benefits of the promotion. He said he would go through the details at the rearranged Council meeting on April 5th for Club delegates. The more Clubs that entered the scheme the more money would be available for investing in further advertising of BBW across the County.

All Clubs  whohad members who used Facebook should be encouraged to share between their contacts , thereby increasing the awareness of each event.

Ryan said that Carterton now had a designated recruitment officer. Social media worked well, but face to face interaction also worked well, with the Club hiring a stall at the local Gala last Spring. The combined effect of all this activity had resulted in 40 new members joining Carterton last year!!

He also said that the blueprint for attracting young members , compiled by Cynthia Briant of Charlbury BC and Dave Pearce- Jones from Carterton BC was now imminent and if adopted for use by other Clubs should see a rise in young players at Clubs.

John Hurren apologized for the Competition contact cards being late, but this had now been done , and the cards were at the printers and should be ready for distribution at the Bowls Oxfordshire AGM.

John Henwood announced that he had secured the running of the BDA 1st Aid Training Course , to be held at Headington BC on Saturday 29th April starting at 10.00 am and finishing at approximately 3.00 pm. Included in the training is CPR. Refreshments , tea and biscuits ,to be provided by the Club.

The course would be going live on Monday March 20thand can be booked on this link



This course has been given to Oxfordshire as a pilot course, with a maximum attendance of 16, and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Bowls England seemed at present reluctant to hold refresher courses for those with Safeguarding qualifications that were more than 3 years old. The ECBA were being considered and contacted  as an alternative provider of such a course.

A Club Safeguarding Detail Form is to be sent out – to collate details and dates of when and if other BDA courses had been taken, These forms would be returned to John Henwood.


Bryan Flitter

At the Tournament  Committee meeting last November , discussion of changing the venue of finals day took place, ienot necessarily using the green of the President for that year. It was felt if change was going to be made then this idea neededto be put in writing initially from the GPC. After debating it was agreed that nothing would change in  2023 and the Finals would take place at Witney Town. Any future changes could then be reviewed.

Bryan said he had contacted Ed Poole and arrangements made for umpires at all the important games this season.

Finally, the President mentioned the passing of two well-known County bowlers Ron Slater, and Peter Brittin, and asked if possible, could GPC members be in attendance at both funerals once arrangements were known.



There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at  20.20 pm.