Minutes of the 114th Annual General Meeting of the Oxfordshire Bowling  Association

Wednesday November 18th 2020




As a result of Covid-19, no AGM took place, however, Hon Sec Ian Whelpton issued minutes of last years AGM, Secretary’s Report, and list of OBA Officers for the 2021 season. With no other nominations made, those listed below, in each category were duly nominated and elected.

Apologies:None received


Jim Middleton (Ban. Central), Henry Franklin (Watlington), Colin Pearce (Wychwood),Ted Davies (Ban. Central),

Dick Claridge (Sth. Oxford), Jim Lucas (Ban. Borough/Bloxham),Joe Wylie (Henley-o-T),

Les Aldridge (Blackbird Leys), Max Jacob (Shiplake Village),Alan Clarke (Witney Mills), Mick Goddard (Ban. Central), Ron Higgins (Bloxham),Tony Thomas (Florence Park), Paul Skidmore (West Witney), Stuart Richens (Carterton),

Robin Hewson (Summertown), Steve Goodenough (Adderbury), Ken Witchard (O.U.P.),Les Westcott (Watlington), Mick Ford (Ban. Central).

Minutes of the 113th OBA Annual General Meeting:

The minutes having been circulated to all clubs prior to the meeting. No errors or omissions were noted.

Their acceptance was proposed by Paul Demczak and seconded by John Hurren

There were no matters arising.

There were none to consider.

There were no propositions.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary’s report had been distributed to club secretaries and delegates along with notification of the AGM.

  • Secretary hoped everyone had kept well and stayed safe
  • Shiplake Village had planned their Centenary celebrations for the season, starting with an official opening on April 3rd and a celebratory game against Bowls Oxfordshire towards the end of August, sadly this did not take place.
  • In the same vein, Bowls Oxfordshire had a game planned against OBA President Paul Demczaks’ home club Witney Town to celebrate the clubs 110th anniversary. This fixture faced the same fate as the one above.
  • Changes were made to competition entries, whereby only one named entrant was required rather than all the names for the pairs, triples and fours competitions. The problem of knowing how many individual bowlers required a yearbook was resolved by giving each club, free of charge, the same number of books as they purchased in 2019.
  • Major changes were made to a completely refurbished website www.bowlsoxfordshire.co.uk with a number of new categories, and archive material, which previously featured in the handbook.
  • Thame Bowls Club, took full advantage of not being able to play, by building a completely new clubhouse.
  • OBA President, Paul Demczak, IPP Michael Morris, Treasurer John Hurren, Match Sec Peter Cross, Asst Match Sec Alex Fleming, Middleton Cup Manager Kevin Alder and U25 Manager David Leighfield have all agreed to continue in their posts.
  • Ian Whelpton ended his three-year tenure, and is replace by Chris Weller, who will do the job in conjunction with his wife, Amanda, acting as his Assistant.
  • Bill Jarvie, Alan Ley and Alex Fleming are continuing as Committee Members for the GPC, and are joined by David Leighfield and John Henwood, who although not delegates for their Clubs, were nominated and elected.
  • Tweaks have been made to the Tournament Section Secretaries and the competitions they will be responsible for, although another section secretary would be helpful.
  • The OBA is in desperate need of a Competition Secretary, in addition to a Deputy President.

Treasurer’s report:

Treasurers report for AGM (summarised) – 2020

The season was decimated by the Covid-19 virus, so there is little financial activity to report.

However, a detailed summary of receipts and expenditure, together with the balance sheet were

circulated to all club delegates to the OBA on return from the auditor. Compared with the previous

year, receipts were over £10k less and of those received, most were repaid when it was clear that no

county bowling would occur during the summer season.

The year recorded a deficit of payments over receipts of £2,263 and this was largely due to late

expenses for county competitions and the luncheon after the end of the last financial year. This is

unlikely to occur again, as we have moved the financial year to Nov 1- Oct 31, so that all receipts and

expenditure can be shown for the season being reported on.

Our bank balance stood at a lower level than normal at the end of the financial year, however, we hold clothing stocks to the value of £1,183 for the forthcoming season.

Although, affiliation fees and competition entry fees remain the same for the 2021 season, we

recognise that club membership numbers may decrease, and the number of competitors may also

decline due in part to the anticipated Covid-19 recovery period.

No questions were raised by delegates after receiving the detailed accounts.


Competition Secretary Report:

No County competitions were played in the 2020 season.


Election of Officers:

2021 Officers

President                                                         Paul Demczak (Witney Town)

Deputy President                                            Vacant

Hon. Secretary                                                Chris Weller (Witney Mills)

Hon. Treasurer                                                John Hurren (Burford Town)

Hon. Match Secretary                                      Peter Cross, PP (Shiplake Village)

Assistant Match Secretary                              Alex Fleming (Chipping Norton)

Hon. Competition Secretary                            Vacant

Middleton Cup Manager (1st year of 3)          Kevin Alder (West Witney)

Under 25 Manager (1year)                              David Leighfield (West Witney)

OBA Officer to Bowls Oxfordshire Exec.         Peter Cross, PP (Shiplake Village)

OBA Delegate to Bowls Oxfordshire Exec.      Michael Morris (Banbury Borough)       

Hon. Assistant Secretary                                Amanda Weller           

Elected Selection Committee:

Kevin Alder – Middleton Cup Manager (West Witney),

Brian Bloomfield (Witney Town)

Alex Fleming (Chipping Norton)

Chris Weller (Witney Mills)

Michael Petersen (Ox C&C)

General Purposes Committee:

NB; Although not Delegates of their Clubs, both David Leighfield and John Henwood were nominated and elected to become members of the GPC in the absence of any other Delegates wishing to be part of the Committee.

Bill Jarvie (Chipping Norton)

Alan Ley (Ox C&C)

John Henwood (Headington)

Alex Fleming (Chipping Norton)

David Leighfield (West Witney)

Bowls Oxfordshire Executive Committee:

OBA Officer – Peter Cross

OBA Delegate – Michael Morris

John Hurren

Chris Weller

Paul Demczak     


                  Signed: __________________________________   




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