Under 25 Singles Competition

The under 25 Singles competition was played on Sunday 4th July at South Oxford.

Because of late withdrawal of entrants for various reasons only two quarter finals needed to be played, with two participants having byes to the semi-finals and meeting the winners of the two quarter finals.

The first quarter final saw Lucas King, (Bicester) play Dan Swanson (Watlington). Lucas began well, drawing well to medium length jacks which saw him 6-1 up after 5 ends. The next 7 ends were evenly matched with Dan beginning to find some form and gradually reducing the deficit, but at 13 ends Lucas still led 12-10, however Dan then really hit his stride, and a burst of scoring over the next 5 ends which read 3,1,4,2 and 2 saw Dan win the game comfortably, 22-12

In the other quarter final, the more experienced Joe Justin found form instantly and was just too much for his opponent Monty Simpson, 18-1 up after 10 ends, Monty did well to rally briefly, but the result was never in doubt and eventually saw Joe winning the game 23-7.

These two results saw Joe playing Sam Kibblewhite in the first semi-final and Dan playing Johnathan Dadson in the second.

Joe was again always in control again of his match racing to a 12-3 lead after 9 ends despite Sam playing some very good drawing bowls, but almost anything he did was bettered by Jo , including a 4 on the 12th end which saw all of Joes bowls, two behind , two in front , in a straight line up the green, with the jack in the middle and not visible, covering a distance of no more than 2 feet! Splendid bowling which saw Joe home as the first finalist by a margin of 20-6 after 15 ends.

The final game between Dan and Johnathan was a very high-quality game indeed, lasting 2 hours and 22 ends and fortunes fluctuating end after end, with some excellent heads of bowls and superb drawing. With the score 10-9 in Dans favour after 12 ends he then picked up 6 shots over the next 4 ends to see him lead 16-9, again Johnathan rallied, and pulled back 5 shots in 3 ends to close to 16-14, a 4 on the 20th end to Dan seemed to decide the match, but on the next end Johnathan scored a 3 to make the score 20-17 to Dan. Another fine wood saw Dan trail the jack which Johnathan could not dislodge, and the result 21-17 to Dan, and him taking his place as the other finalist.

Thanks go to South Oxford for the use of their facilities and green, Keith Morbey for cutting the Greens and President Tony Lynch for manning the bar and other activities, Ben Dickson for acting as marker at short notice and fellow OBA office John Henwood for attending as well of course as all the participants!

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