Walker Cup match v Kent - 10 July 2022
BOL played Kent at Egham BC on a hot Sunday morning 10th July 2022 
An exciting match played with great spirit wih an enthusiastic audience.
Nailbiting to the end with Helen Young's rink going ahead by 6 shots at 8 ends, drawing level at 12 ends: 12 -12 and Donna Knight's rink 7-12 down at 12 ends.
Then another turn around with Helen's rink dropping 6 shots in 2 ends to be 12-19 down at 15 ends with Donna's rink 9-13 down.  So at 15 ends overall 11 shots down.
With an exciting finish Donna went ahead at 19 ends by 1 shot and finished the match at 17 - 16.
Unfortunately Helen's rink pulled back but finished the match 4 shots down at 21-17.   Overall shot difference 3.  Total score BOL 34, Kent 37.
An exciting day out, well fought and very well bowled to all the team.   Better luck next year.
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